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Lake | Flato Houses: Respecting the Land

Lake | Flato Houses: Respecting the Land

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Lake|Flato Architects proudly presents their latest and most recent projects, showcasing the infinite potential of contemporary homes to engage in a meaningful dialogue with nature. With headquarters in San Antonio and Austin, Lake|Flato Architects firmly believes in the importance of architecture being rooted in its specific location and responding thoughtfully to the surrounding environment, whether natural or man-made.

By utilizing local materials and collaborating with skilled local artisans, Lake|Flato strives to build structures that are both sleek and sensory, sustainable and authentic, and carefully crafted pieces of art. After over three decades of growth and expansion, the firm still holds onto their core value of building harmoniously with the land, which continues to be a relevant and powerful approach.

While they have taken on a variety of projects, Lake|Flato's passion for designing houses remains strong, driven by their desire to explore the delicate relationship between family, place, and architecture, resulting in distinctive living spaces that exude authentic beauty.

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